About Us

Our Story

Hello there! We are Desi & Jorge, and we are the faces behind 58 STUDIO. We are a happily married couple in Edmonton, AB who have always enjoyed designing, creating, and building all kinds of stuff. Back in early 2020 we decided to equip ourselves with a laser cutting and engraving machine and use our creativity to make cool, fun, and beautiful items. We quickly came up with ideas for home decor items that we gifted to our family and friends.

A few months later, 58 STUDIO was born. As we realized we had so many ideas and so much fun creating them, we decided to embark on a new journey and offer our products to the community. 58 STUDIO is a project that focuses on offering handmade stylish products carefully crafted in-house using laser engraving and cutting techniques on different materials that include wood, acrylic, and fabric.

We strive to imprint our products with combinations of fun, adventure, belonging, nature, and feelings of joy. Each piece is meant to add a special touch through connections with memories, people, experiences, and places.

If you are trying to find something special, out of the ordinary, and with a personal touch, we are sure we can create something for you. Whether it is an anniversary, birthday, wedding, or simply adding something cool to your home or office space. We can definitely help you!

Our Team


Always looking to add the most value to the little things. Desiree enjoys gifting and making people happy with special details. Master cookie taster and brownie lover.


Constantly working on new ideas. Jorge likes to keep himself busy by exploring new concepts. Enjoys building stuff and surprising people. Never-stopping eating machine.